KPMG Malta launches Cyber Maturity Assessment tool

Last Updated on Friday, 3 December, 2021 at 11:17 am by Andre Camilleri

Now that the global pandemic has moved most of our workplace interactions and communications online, the risks of cyber incidents are greater. COVID-19 has forced the hand of businesses in several sectors by requiring them to confront their digital preparedness in tackling cyber threats head on.

A recent KPMG Global CEO Pulse Survey found that cyber security risk tops CEOs’ concerns — with the largest number of CEOs rating it as their greatest risk to organisational growth over the next 3 years.

While cyber security has remained a key risk area for several years, its relevance in the business world has never been more significant. But perhaps the more striking outcome of extreme digitalisation is the realisation and acceptance of cyber as a real business issue.

In this new world, cyber security becomes more personal. Not just for staff but also for senior executives whose world has changed and who are also perhaps more conscious than ever of the fragility of their digital infrastructure, both from work and personal perspectives.

The majority of senior executives (52 percent in the KPMG survey) say their companies expect to invest more in data security measures — topping the list of investment areas, closely followed by customer-centric technologies (such as chatbots), digital communications and artificial intelligence.

In order to respond to these challenges, KPMG in Malta has expanded its cyber services offerings through the launch of a cyber maturity assessment tool which can be accessed through their website.

KPMG’s CMA is a unique offering that incorporates our insight into leading cyber practices from the public and private sectors. The assessment is targeted at boards and executives to assist with appropriate board-level reporting and communications. The CMA framework is based on a combination of internationally accepted standards (such as NIST CSF, ISO and COBIT) and can be tailored to the specific requirements of our clients yet is comprehensive in its ability to address key dimensions that together provide an in-depth view of an organisation’s cyber maturity.

The most successful organisations not only treat cyber security as key to their future success but also look to engender client and customer trust in their cyber resilience, in their protection of sensitive data, and in the transparency of their approach.

KPMG helps you create a resilient and trusted digital world — even in the face of evolving threats. That’s because we bring a combination of technological expertise, deep business knowledge, and creative professionals who are passionate about protecting and building your business.

If you’re interested to learn more, contact KPMG Digital Solutions Partner Marco Vassallo, ( and Director Curt Gauci ( to discuss further.

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