Seifert Systems Ltd appoints Ing Stanley Zammit as Industry 4.0 Smart-Factory Manager

Ing Stanley Zammit and Stefan Royla

Last Updated on Thursday, 2 December, 2021 at 1:57 pm by Andre Camilleri

Seifert Systems Ltd, in line with its forward-looking vision and the drive for continuous improvement, has recently expanded upon existing responsibilities to create the position of Industry 4.0 Smart-Factory Manager. Ing Stanley Zammit has been appointed to fill this new position. Ing Zammit will now be responsible for overseeing the digital transformation of the Company’s processes and the change of the production operation from its current state into one that will operate according to Industry 4.0 principles through a digital transformation of processes. He will report directly to the Chairman and CEO, Mr Michael Seifert.

Ing Stanley Zammit is a long serving Seifert employee, holding various management positions within the Company throughout his employment. After graduating in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Malta in 1995, he started his working career with Seifert Systems that same year, originally in Quality Assurance, then moving on to production management, before moving on further to develop and lead the procurement function of the Company. The latest appointment seeks to tap into Stanley’s in-depth knowledge of the Company and its products as well as his professional competence for further growth.

Seifert Systems has in recent years been investing heavily in state-of-the-art machinery, and software driven automation and process improvement, seeking to maximise production efficiency through digital transformation, making better use of resources, and cutting down on waste in all aspects. The Malta plant has just been certified as Carbon Neutral, making it the first manufacturing company in Malta to reach this ambitious landmark.

An investment of €8 million has been inaugurated by Malta’s Prime Minister, Dr Robert Abela, consisting of a new factory extension based on Industry 4.0 principles. This will involve the installation of cutting-edge machinery which will help the Company boost the organisation’s output capability over fourfold.

Appointment of Stefan Royla

Mr Stefan Royla has now been appointed to head the procurement department of the Malta plant. Seifert Systems is now consolidating the procurement function for the whole Seifert group, covering the plant in Germany and USA as well as the support offices in various locations, both in Europe and other countries. Mr Royla, originally joined the Seifert Group in 2020 as Chief Procurement Officer in Germany, with responsibility for the strategic procurement function of the group. He is now based in Malta and will lead the Procurement Department of the Malta plant as well, seeking to maximise effectiveness in purchasing and logistics.

Through the centralization of the procurement function, the Company seeks to gain more efficiency ensuring faster response to both the Company’s and its customers’ needs. This will at the same time help to forge stronger ties with suppliers to be able to meet better increasing and ever-changing customer demands. The Company gives high priority to building strong ties with all its stakeholders in its drive for efficiency and continuous improvement in all areas.

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