Liquigas Malta’s facilities prove their worth during Covid crisis

From left) Mr Paul Agius Delicata, CEO, Gasco Energy, Mr Fabrizio Ramano, Ambassador of the Italian Republic and Mr Luciano Garbini, Managing Director, LiquigasMalta Ltd.

Last Updated on Monday, 3 May, 2021 at 3:50 pm by Andre Camilleri

Liquigas Malta’s 4,800 ton LPG state of the art storage facility has played a vital role over the past year in guaranteeing security of supply of LPG to Malta. Together with the company’s sea importation terminal and cylinder filling facilities, this has enabled the company to continue supplying households and businesses, despite the global transportation and logistics challenges imposed by the pandemic.

The national strategic value of the investments which Liquigas has made in its facilities over the years was highlighted during a recent visit by H.E. Mr Fabrizio Ramano, the new Ambassador of the Italian Republic to Malta. Mr Romano expressed his satisfaction that the partnership between Liquigas S.p.A., a leading Italian distributor of LPG and Malta registered Multigas Limited has not only proved commercially sustainable but also highly resilient in challenging circumstances.

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