New cable connections and substations to reinforce Gozo’s electricity network

Last Updated on Saturday, 23 March, 2024 at 8:24 am by Andre Camilleri

Enemalta is working to continue improving the quality of its electricity services in Gozo, with new cable connections, new substations and other network upgrades.

Minister for the Environment, Energy and the Regeneration of the Grand Harbour Miriam Dalli and Minister for Gozo and Planning Clint Camilleri discussed the ongoing electricity distribution projects in Gozo while meeting Enemalta employees during cable laying works in Nadur. The two ministers also met other employees stationed at the Company’s Gozo offices in Xewkija.

Enemalta is currently laying new 11-kilovolt underground cables in Nadur and Xlendi Bay (Munxar) as part of a nationwide project to add more than 70 kilometres of new connections between distribution centres and substations supplying electricity to different localities across the country. The project will also include similar cable works in Xaghra, which will commence in coming months.

Through these new connections, Enemalta is increasing the capacity, resilience and flexibility of the national grid, to reduce the risk of network disruptions while enabling quicker service restoration when such difficulties arise.

Minister Miriam Dalli explained that these upgrades are essential to ensure better quality electricity services for families and businesses in Gozo. “The new cables are adding more alternative connections to the existing ones providing electricity to different parts of the Island. Enemalta is also developing new substations and upgrading many existing ones,” the Minister said.

“We are also investing in automation systems, enabling network engineers and technicians to control substations remotely, from the country’s Network Control Centre in Marsa, for a faster response to network emergencies affecting supply to customers. A third of Gozo’s substations are already equipped with automation systems and several others will be upgraded in coming months,” Miriam Dalli added.      

Minister Clint Camilleri explained that Enemalta is currently implementing several works to consolidate electricity infrastructure in Gozo.

“Works currently in progress in Nadur will continue towards Xaghra and will also reinforce other systems in Qala. A network reinforcement in Marsalforn will be underway in coming months. In collaboration with the Ministry for Gozo and Planning, similar projects will be underway in roads that will be resurfaced, to ensure improved and stronger electricity services for residents in Gozo,” Minister Camilleri said.

During the last three years, Enemalta added 11 kilometres of new underground cables, including 11-kilovolt cable connections between different substations and Gozo’s two distribution centres, as well as 400/230 volt cables from substations to homes and other buildings in surrounding areas. Enemalta also replaced or added 14 kilometres of aerial lines, to continue consolidating its network on the island.

The Company also developed 12 new substations in Gozo, while another 11 were upgraded with new transformers and switchgear panels. Another six new substations will be commissioned this year. 

Enemalta Executive Chairman Ryan Fava and other company officials accompanied Minister Dalli and Minister Camilleri during these meetings.

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