Positive feedback on networking event aimed towards ITS Students within the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

Last Updated on Monday, 15 November, 2021 at 9:35 pm by Andre Camilleri

Following a high response, the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) hosted yet again an Industry Student Meet-up at the ITS campus in Luqa. This event is important for students as it connects the Hospitality and Tourism Industry with the future industry workers who are currently studying at ITS.

This event is held by the Institute of Tourism Studies with the objective that students are given an opportunity to meet and get to know different organisations within the same sector they are currently studying. The Industry Student Meet-up serves as a networking event for students, where they can be offered an interview or trial within the different organisations present.

ITS CEO, Mr Pierre Fenech stated that “ITS students are very much sought after and the Industry values them for their skills and abilities. The response we have in such activities and positive feedback we are receiving from employers about our students is a testament to this.”

Representatives from over 65 companies and organisations were present over a period of 3 days, making this year’s event the largest Industry Student Meet-up organised by ITS. Such a high record response is important for both the Tourism and Hospitality Industry and ITS students.

“The Institute of Tourism Studies continues to be a pioneer in nurturing the well-needed relationship between the theoretic and practical aspects of the Hospitality Industry. Certainly, the Industry Student Meet-Up event is another sterling opportunity to sustain our commitment by providing avenues whereby students can establish future relationships with local hospitality personnel. The Government together with ITS shall continue advocating quality and efficiency, two principles that shall form an integral part in our vision of making Malta a hub of tourism excellence in the years to come,” outlined Minister for Tourism and Consumer Protection, Clayton Bartolo.   

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