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Betsson deploys Ada’s AI-powered chatbot service

Betsson Group builds three AI-powered chatbots through its partnership with Ada, to serve its customer base. The chatbots can quickly hand over the conversation to customer service staff if needed.

Finland creates bold and ethical AI strategy for all

Finland discusses the creation of their bold and ethical AI strategy with Business Malta, in the wake of the island country’s AI progress.

Malta ready to lead in AI amid challenges

Wayne Grixti, CTO of MDIA and head of Malta.AI Taskforce, talks to Business Malta about AI progress in the archipelago, while staying conscious about challenges on the vertical.

Plume enters UK market, launches AI security tool

Smart home platform Plume, unveils entrance to the United Kingdom, and launches new artificial intelligence (AI) solution.

Blackmoon teams up with Daneel on building new ETxs

Blockchain fintech firm Blackmoon and IT services company Daneel signed a strategic partnership to create a branded Exchange Traded Index (ETx), according...

EY’s analytics and AI university competition includes Malta

EY announces the launch of a global data science challenge to identify and develop top university talent in analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), including Malta.

Malta launches public consultation for developing national AI strategy

Malta.AI Taskforce has started developing Malta’s National AI Strategy to regulate the artificial intelligence (AI) space in the country, enabling the nation...

Malta to publish national AI policy

Malta AI, a government task force, will publish a high-level artificial intelligence (AI) policy at a public consultation workshop on 21 March.

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