Blackmoon teams up with Daneel on building new ETxs

(source: Unsplash/Franck V)

Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 August, 2019 at 11:01 am by Christian Keszthelyi

Blockchain fintech firm Blackmoon and IT services company Daneel signed a strategic partnership to create a branded Exchange Traded Index (ETx), according to a press statement sent to Business Malta. The companies hope their cooperation will create a showcase of ETx that track the performance of Daneel’s sentiment indexes.

“As soon as we met at the Malta Blockchain Summit, we were directly aligned with market expectations, and the collaboration was the next logical step. We are eager to see how investors will react to this new kind of index made possible by artificial intelligence,” said Harold Kinet, Head of Communication at Daneel.

“Blackmoon and Daneel share a vision, and because of this, we are pleased to have discovered such an incredible organisation to associate with. We are eager to release the Daneel ETx products as soon as possible to offer this amazing investment opportunity to investors globally,” said Moshe Joshua, Chief Product Officer at Blackmoon.

Blackmoon says numerous similar strategic partnerships are in the company’s pipeline for the year, aiming to have a selection of ETxs on offer.

Blackmoon says that the fact that an entity can liquidate their investment without an impact on price is a crucial risk-metric to investment decisions. As such, Blackmoon introduced its Exchange Traded Indexes (ETxs) in the blockchain, which the company believes can create more balanced and stable prices.

Blackmoon is a financial services company which is part of the Blackmoon Financial Group and operates a framework for tokenised investment vehicles to deliver investment opportunities in “both the real world and the blockchain universe”.

Daneel is a French “crypto-startup” from Montpellier. Daneel’s artificial intelligence solution provides an overview of the current state of the blockchain and cryptocurrency market. The company aspires to put an end to the spread of fake news with its AI solution.

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