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Malta’s rented accommodation guest nights narrowing gap further

Guest nights spent at rented accommodations further narrowed the gap to collective accommodation establishments in August, as the former grew by a year-on-year 13% to 1,094,808, as compared to the latter’s 3.2% growth to 1,317,321.

Hotels in Malta losing out on tourist nights to rented accommodations

The number of inbound tourists has been on a steady rise in the first half of 2019 — albeit the growth showing a slowing tendency in the past years — yet taking a thorough look at the number of nights spent by holidaymakers in Malta reveals that hotels are likely to be losing customers to rented accommodations increasingly by the month.

Malta’s inbound tourism grows 5.5% in June

The total number of inbound visitors in Malta grew by 5.5% to an estimated 280,522 in June 2019, as compared to the corresponding month in 2018. Total expenditure also increased by 10.7% to an estimated €235.4m, over the corresponding month in 2018.

More tourists spend more money, less time in May

The number of inbound visitors in Malta grows by 1.3% in May, as compared to the corresponding month of 2018. Although the number spent nights drops by 3.6%, total expenditure increases by 3.3%.

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