More tourists spend more money, less time in May

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Last Updated on Monday, 15 July, 2019 at 12:34 pm by Christian Keszthelyi

The number of inbound visitors in Malta grew by 1.3% in May, as compared to the corresponding month of 2018, reaching approximately 265,701 tourists, according to the latest figures published by the National Statistics Office (NSO). Although the number spent nights dropped by 3.6%, total expenditure was up by 3.3%.

A total of 233,139 inbound tourist trips were carried out for holiday purposes, while 18,204 were undertaken for business reasons.  

Furthermore, inbound tourists from Non-EU countries went up by 21.5% when compared to the corresponding month in 2018. Most of the tourists were from the age group of 25-44 (42.7%), while those of 45-64 represented 29.5%. The NSO latest figures show.   

Tourists spent 3.6% fewer nights in May, as compared to the same month of the preceding year. The largest share of guest nights (54.4%) was spent in collective accommodation establishments. 

In addition, the total expenditure of tourists was estimated at €203.5m, showing an increase of 3.3% over the corresponding month in 2018. 

January-May all up

Trips of inbound tourists amounted to 929,979 in May, with an increase of 2.8% over the same period in 2018. 

In this case, the total nights spent by inbound tourists went up by 1.6%, surpassing 5.9m nights.  

The expenditure was estimated at €648.1m, 3.2% higher than that recorded for 2018. Total expenditure per capita stood at €697, with an increase of 0.4% when compared to 2018. 

The full report including charts and visual representation of data is available for download at the website of NSO.

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