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Malta’s industrial prices grow y.o.y. but drop m.o.m. in July

The industrial producer price index grow by 1.75% in July 2019 when compared to the same month of the previous year. However, the producer price index for total industry drops by 0.47% over the previous month of the same year.

More guests spend fewer nights in Q2 2019

The total number of guests in collective accommodation establishments increased by 3.2% (575,275) during Q2 2019, while total nights spent declined by 1.3% (2.8m). Gozo and Comino see overall declines, figures suggest.

Malta’s retail price index drops to 1.68% in July

The annual rate of inflation as measured by the Retail Price Index (RPI) drops to 1.68%, compared to 1.9% of the previous month. The twelve-month moving average rate for July stands at 1.68%

Traffic accidents drop by 0.5%, casualties by 10.4% in Q2

The number of reported traffic accidents drop by 0.5% to 3,818 during Q2 2019. Despite the marginal drop in the number of accidents, road traffic casualties decline by 10.4% to 421.

Malta’s poverty risk slightly grows to 16.8% in 2017

The rate of at-risk-of-poverty (ARP) in Malta is slightly up by 0.1 percentage point (pp) to the rate of 16.8%. This essentially means that the number of people living in households with a national equivalised income below the at-risk-of-poverty line (€8,868) was 78,685 in 2017.

More tourists spend more money, less time in May

The number of inbound visitors in Malta grows by 1.3% in May, as compared to the corresponding month of 2018. Although the number spent nights drops by 3.6%, total expenditure increases by 3.3%.

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