The second edition of PwC Malta’s Tech Week leaves a lasting impression on AI & Trust

Last Updated on Tuesday, 28 May, 2024 at 3:20 pm by Andre Camilleri

Earlier this month, PwC Malta held its second edition of Tech Week comprising a series of technology-related events aimed at shedding light on the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the critical role of trust in this rapidly evolving landscape.

This year’s Tech Week opened with the Intelligent Digital Conference, held at the Hilton on 10 May. This gathering united C-suite executives and industry leaders to consider the profound impact of AI on industries and the future of organisations. The conference featured a notable lineup of speakers and panellists, including leading local business leaders, technology alliance partners, and PwC subject matter experts from its local office and EMEA network.

Michel Ganado, PwC Malta’s Digital Services Leader, emphasised the importance of understanding the transformative power of AI in business during his introduction speech. He stated, ”As AI continues to grow exponentially, business organisations are increasingly relying on data analytics and large data warehouses to make more timely and informed decisions. The move towards cloud technologies has also facilitated further this transition. In today’s digital age, data has indeed become the new gold. This conference and other events being held over the next few days as part of Tech Week 2024, bring to the fore our firm’s continued investment into the digital space.”

The PwC Digital Services mini expo at the Intelligent Digital Conference also featured booths showcasing several solutions related to Digital Strategy and Transformation, Business Solutions, Cyber Security and Privacy, IT managed services & networking, as well as new areas dealing with the creation of custom digital assets aimed at addressing specific niche areas. The exhibition also featured solutions from PwC Malta’s technology alliance partners such as Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Acronis as well as hosted a designated space for The Malta College of Arts, Science & Technology (MCAST), who brought along ‘Reachy’ the semi-humanoid robot.

The continuation of Tech Week featured a joint event with The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, titled Navigating the Future: Trust in the Digital Age. The event included two brief presentations followed by a panel discussion on the importance of Operational Resiliency in the local market. The discussion addressed aspects relevant to both regulated and non-regulated Maltese businesses, highlighting how organisations can derive long-term sustained value by becoming operationally resilient.

In addition, PwC Malta hosted a LinkedIn Live session on May 15th, which furthered the discussion on AI and Trust and delved deeper into strategies for thriving in an age of continuous technology reinvention. This dynamic session included a brief summary of the topics discussed during the Intelligent Digital Conference and the key points addressed in the panel discussions, and is still available on the firm’s LinkedIn and YouTube channels. The Tech Week concluded on 16 May with an exclusive event for firm Alumni.

PwC’s Digital Services Partner, Andrew Schembri, stated that, “the consistent advancements of Artificial Intelligence have been revolutionising the business world. That is why we believe it is crucial to consistently shed light on the topic while providing the necessary support for organisations to maximise on the benefits of AI. This while keeping their businesses, employees and clients secure. We hope that this Tech Week provided the right insights for the business community to look forward to and assess how AI technology can be used as an enabler for their strategy and transformation.”

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