This is the moment of truth for AirMalta – MHRA

Last Updated on Monday, 6 July, 2020 at 9:27 am by Andre Camilleri

The Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA) refers to the unfortunate situation which is once again being dominated by disagreements between management and the pilots at AirMalta.

In such difficult times for our economy, in particular, for the tourism sector, MHRA appeals that all parties at AirMalta must align their efforts and energies towards one goal – that to keep Airmalta flying for the benefit and welfare of the Maltese people and economy.  Significantly, this objective underlies the rationale for the creation and thereafter all the investments made by Government and the Maltese taxpayer in AirMalta over the past decades to keep it operational. 

MHRA recognizes and salutes the efforts and sacrifices which the majority of the AirMalta employees, similarly to those employed by its members, are currently experiencing. MHRA asserts that cost-cutting measures introduced by management across the travel, hospitality and tourism sector at a global level have not been motivated by profitability goals but rather by efforts to survive this crisis.  The continuous battles between ALPA and Airmalta management are now seriously jeopardizing every effort which Government is carrying out to reignite the economy.

Without entering into the merits of who is right or wrong MHRA remarks that it is now high time for ALPA and AirMalta management to realize that shooting at each other’s foot will only aggravate matters not only for Airmalta but more significantly for the thousands of employees and operators whose livelihoods depend upon the travel, hospitality and tourism sector. MHRA remarks that ALPA cannot pretend to be treated by exception and that all stakeholders are expected to share the burdens caused by the COVID 19 pandemic.

MHRA has always been at the forefront to advocate in favour of doing whatever is possible to keep AirMalta flying because it has always argued that AirMalta would be critical in helping the Maltese economy recover should one day be hit by difficulties. Now we are facing unprecedented times for our economy and is therefore the moment of truth for AirMalta to live up to expectations. Unless AirMalta can come forward with the support of ALPA to help the economy recover then the reason for having a national airline is extinguished.

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