Warmer October brings unexpected amount of rain to Malta’s shores

Although temperatures were generally warmer than the climate norm in October, the number of stormy days increased two-fold to expectations, dousing the Maltese islands in irregular amounts of rain, according to the most recent figures published by the Malta International Airport (MLA).

Air temperatures dropped from September’s 25.6°C average to a mean of 22.3°C in October, albeit rising to a high of 29.3°C on the first day of the month and falling to a low of 15.9°C on 8 October. Temperatures stayed generally warmer than the climate norm: the mean maximum and minimum exceeding the monthly average by 0.5°C and 1°C, respectively.

Nevertheless, the number of story days more than doubled as compared to expectations. Usually, October sees five thundery days, while this year, the islands came under 11 days of thunderstorms. The climate norm of 20 mm of rain grew disproportionately to 94 mm this year. A wetter-than-expected October was capped off with 24.6 mm on 29 October—the wettest day of the month.

While the islands welcomed lower temperatures and wetter weather, sunny skies remained a regular fixture on the weather forecast, with October’s daily sunlight hours averaging at 6.8 hours. A total of 212.1 sunshine hours were measured throughout the month, with a light cloud cover measuring a daily average of 3.2 oktas—unit used to express the extent of cloud cover—being reported.

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