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Warmer October brings unexpected amount of rain to Malta’s shores

Although temperatures were generally warmer than the climate norm in October, the number of stormy days increased two-fold to expectations, dousing the Maltese islands in irregular amounts of rain.

August temperatures rise further in Malta

The average air and sea surface temperatures in Malta increased by one centigrade both as compared to the climate norm, during the month of August.

June’s record heat carries on to July

June’s record heat of 37.8°C has carried on to July with the average temperatures recorded on 22 out of a total of 31 days of the last month exceeding the climate norm of 26.6°C. Hours of sunshine also surpassed the climate norm.

April in Malta sees less sun and cooler temperatures

April’s weather in Malta comes cooler than the average, bringing more clouds and less sunshine as compared to earlier years.

Virtu Ferry cancels Feb 24-25 routes

Due to a historic storm hitting Malta and the area causing rough seas and unfavourable weather conditions, Virtu Ferries cancels its 24 and 25 Feb routes.

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