Access the world’s leading asset manager with MeDirect’s MeManaged

Last Updated on Thursday, 9 November, 2023 at 2:23 pm by Andre Camilleri

Ingrid Micallef is Head – Products & Marketing at MeDirect Malta

MeDirect’s purpose is to democratise financial services and make the industry as inclusive as possible. That’s why we create products like MeManaged, Malta’s first and only online discretionary portfolio management service.

By opening a MeManaged account, with a minimum investment of just €100, clients can determine an investment strategy which suits their goals and risk appetite which is then actively managed by the financial experts at MeDirect in partnership with BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager. This type of actively managed service is usually reserved only for high-net-worth individuals but at MeDirect, we use the power of our technology to make it accessible to all.

What’s more, those customers who open accounts before 31 December and opt to invest a minimum of €2,000 will also enjoy the additional benefit of having their accounts topped up by up to €200. More information on MeManaged, including the additional top-ups, is available at

A discretionary portfolio management service provides an investment strategy based on the profile of each individual customer’s financial goals and risk appetite. In the case of MeManaged, this strategy is determined through an intuitive online questionnaire which establishes each customer’s investment profile. Once the account is opened, investors can opt to continue building their portfolio by investing a minimum of €100 every month.

Customers can track the performance of their investment online through the MeDirect mobile app or via internet banking, on a 24/7 basis. They will also receive a monthly commentary, providing clear information which helps customers understand how their portfolios are performing and why, also enabling better, more informed decision-making. Providing information and education is the second key pillar of our strategy to enable customers to build their wealth with confidence and autonomy.

MeDirect Bank is the island’s first digital bank and offers its clients access to market-leading financial products. One can become a client of MeDirect and open a MeManaged account by clicking

For further information clients may contact MeDirect Bank on 25574400 or visit

This is a marketing communication by MeDirect Bank (Malta) plc. Terms and conditions for the promotion apply. Offer is valid for a limited time only.

MeDirect Bank (Malta) plc, company registration number C34125, is licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority to undertake the business of investment services under the Investment Services Act (Cap. 370).

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