Goodbye cash: New Paymix SoftPOS app brings momentum to payment methods for the self-employed and micro-entrepreneurs

Last Updated on Thursday, 1 February, 2024 at 11:55 am by Andre Camilleri

Low fees and easy handling without additional hardware to facilitate payment processes

Whether at a pastizzeria stand, at a weekly market, a personal trainer, a yoga teacher, or a guided tour in the city: every day in Malta, when paying for goods and services, a lot of coins and notes are still shifted back and forth. Nowadays, these payments  can also be done digitally and contactless – much faster, safer, easier, more hygienic and more transparent. In addition, it is paperless, inexpensive, and now even completely without additional hardware, simply using the smartphone that merchants or service providers always have at hand anyway. The Paymix SoftPOS app turns any Android device into a POS terminal that accepts all NFC-enabled cards and mobile wallets.

The love of cash is slowly gradually fading. Payment transactions are still unnecessarily protracted as a result. In addition, there are losses due to counterfeit euro notes and errors in their issuing. For traders and service providers, cash is more of a curse than a blessing as it increases handling and accounting costs and prevents transparency. Card payments, where the customer first must insert his card into a modern Bluetooth based POS terminal is also prone to errors and sometimes even takes longer. Apart from that, such a terminal has its own costs and can possibly not be used everywhere.

Digitalisation for the self-employed and micro-entrepreneurs

The licensed financial services provider Finance Incorporated Limited is now providing a solution with the Paymix SoftPOS app. It offers the micro-entrepreneurs in Malta an immediate connection to digitalisation in a simple and unbureaucratic way. After downloading the Paymix SoftPOS app from the Google Play Store, and following a simple registration process, merchants can turn their Android devices into a POS terminal. The only requirement is that the device must be NFC-enabled and have at least the Android 14 (Upside Down Cake) operating system.

From the start, the app will be available in English, German, Italian, and Turkish to reach a broad audience in the diverse world of Maltese businesses. Using the existing Android device, Paymix SoftPOS processes payment transactions quickly, and securely without additional hardware. “Paymix SoftPOS is a fully-fledged POS terminal with all industry-standard security and encryption standards,” explains Cenk Kahraman, CEO at Finance Incorporated Limited. “In addition, Paymix SoftPOS accepts all contactless prepaid, debit and credit cards from Visa & MasterCard. Merchant’s customers thus have an extensive choice of payment options to avoid touching physical surfaces.”

Paymix SoftPOS was developed by Finance Incorporated Limited specifically for anyone who sells on a stationary or mobile basis, or who collects payments directly for their services on site, such as delivery services. Due to its low fees, the payment system is also suitable for freelancers who only accept occasional payments.

Cost-effective, fast, and safe

Paymix SoftPOS has no transaction limit and PIN entry is only required for sums of 50 euros or more. Payment is possible anywhere with an active internet connection. Moreover, merchants usually have their money in their account the next day and customers immediately receive a receipt to scan in the form of a QR code. A payment process can’t really be much faster, safer, and easier than it is when using Paymix SoftPOS.

In addition, Paymix SoftPOS is extremely cost-effective. There is no need to purchase a proprietary POS terminal, no registration or set-up fees, no fixed monthly fees, and no minimum terms. If only one Android device is set up as a POS, this does not incur any ongoing costs. Each additional device costs only two euros per month. The costs per transaction for all debit and credit cards from the European Economic Area EEA (EU countries as well as Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein) are only 0.95 percent. Refunds and SEPA transfers are charged at only 50 cents.

Kahraman sees his company as a solution driver in the SoftPOS sector. “We are very pleased to revolutionize payment processing for sole traders, solo self-employed and service providers in Malta with Paymix SoftPOS. The innovative app turns the smartphone into a fast, secure and simple POS terminal. This digitalisation advance will finally give small merchants the boost they deserve to keep up with their big competitors.” The CEO of Finance Incorporated Limited is already thinking ahead: “We want to expand the app to other EU countries soon. In addition, we are currently working on value-added services such as instant financing offers, alternative payments, billing and carbon offsetting.”

Download the app on Google Play Store and sign up for your own account today!

About Paymix SoftPOS

Paymix SoftPOS, a brand of Finance Incorporated Limited, represents the next generation of virtual POS systems and mobile card terminals, as the Paymix SoftPOS app turns the smartphone into a POS terminal. Especially solo self-employed and micro-entrepreneurs can offer the full range of mobile payment options with little bureaucratic burden. Learn more at

Finance Incorporated Limited is an Electronic Money Institution based in Malta that operates the brands Paymix SoftPOS, Paymix Pro, iPaymix, and Paymix VIA, delivering accounts, payments, and cards services to corporate and retail clients, as well as to financial institutions. It is licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority as a financial institution in terms of the Financial Institutions Act (Chapter 376 of the Laws of Malta). The Company is also a participant of SEPA Payment network, a member of the European Payment Institutions Federation, a member of NACHA Payments Innovation Alliance, a member of SMI – Sustainable Markets Initiative and a proud supporter of Terra Carta. Learn more at

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