Identifying the establishment

Last Updated on Thursday, 16 May, 2024 at 11:13 am by Andre Camilleri

Last week, I wrote an article about the independence of our institutions. Technically, I tried to deliver a historical perspective of the modus operandi of our so-called independent institutions. However, as the magisterial inquiry saga unfolded, we had calls for resignations, and people taking the streets to protest in front of our Parliament.

Later, Dr Chris Fearne resigned and wrote to the prime minister to withdraw his nomination for EU Commissioner. Meanwhile, it was reported with a warning sign to not nominate another name for EU Commissioner, as two other magisterial inquiries might put pressure and also implicate two new ministers. However, if this is true, then I may conclude that the modus operandi of our courts, especially with these magisterial inquiries, did reach a Russian state of play. If anyone outside court knows the details of what the conclusions of magisterial inquiries are, then I may conclude that Malta is truly moving towards a dangerous path, because the members of the Opposition, and those of the establishment, are meddling with the independence of our institutions.  

When I was watching the news, I realised that these are the same tactics that we have witnessed in the past decade on the eve of elections. It dawned on me that if the Opposition leader does not follow orders, he might be sacked from his position after the European Parliament elections. When I say he does not follow orders, you might ask from whom? Well, from the establishment. This is the same establishment, functioning like a brotherhood, and who are highly connected. Abroad, those believing in conspiracy theory might risibly refer to them as the illuminati. However, here in Malta they are not the illuminati, they are the ones who pull the strings through court connections, business, the Church, as well as the Nationalist Party.

This is the same establishment that perpetuated a mindset of being against everyone and everything, but their beliefs. This is the same establishment that deceived and conjured against Dr George Borg Olivier. This is the same establishment that deceived Dr Adrain Delia and kicked him out of his post during a global pandemic. Let’s for a moment leave aside his forgetfulness of who, ahem, the establishment is. This is the same establishment that dictated the agenda for the past 60 years of who we must marry, who we must sleep with, who we must not speak to, and who must run the country. This is the same establishment who was against the divorce legislation but whose members had multiple extramarital relations, and who you would see them on Saturday at church with their spouses looking like trophies in designer clothes. This is the same establishment, who voted against civil rights in Malta, including civil union, and gay marriage. I still recall David Agius making the argument of who will be referred to as mummy and daddy on the birth certificate. An utterly, ridiculous argument.

This is the same establishment that is elitist and meets on a daily basis and behind closed doors in Valletta and Mdina to craft strategies. This is the same establishment who call themselves the saviours of democracy, but at the same time they want to dictate the agenda. This is the same establishment that is too influenced by our British colonial past. Indeed, they always side with foreigners, and not with the Maltese. This is the same establishment that will eventually kick Dr Bernard Grech out of office just like they kicked his predecessor. This is the same establishment that was in bed with the Church throughout the years, and who approved of the interdiction of the executive committee of the Labour Party in the 1960s. In Maltese we say inqdew b’Alla. This is the same establishment that wanted to crucify Dom Mintoff for providing a welfare state, and separated Church and state. This is the same establishment that is prepared to attack dissidents who do not conform to their norms and beliefs. This is the same establishment who is ready to hit at the right moment and the right time, even by crafting frame-ups. This is the establishment!

A group of people, who would do anything, even harming the country, to dictate their agenda and not the people’s will. Sincerely, one of our former chief judges should tread carefully before rushing to the defence of others. He was also part of the establishment. He would not have made it to the top post in court, under Dr Eddie Fenech Adami’s time, if he was not part of the establishment. He was too close to Fenech Adami’s righthand man, to exclude him from the establishment. Let’s not forget that it was at the discretion of the prime minister to choose members and elevate them to the bench. The establishment refers to those who will use any legal instruments to screw others up because some members of our independent institutions are too close to them.

Certainly, we still need to see what the inquiry entails, especially if what is being reported is true, that a company, affected by a €20m freezing order, had not even been incorporated at that time. Sincerely, I do hope that this is not another farce. It does not serve justice, and it does not augur well for the independence of our institutions, especially after the implemented reforms under the current administration. Personally, I truly hope that such tactics are not used against anyone, including nationalist-leaning voters. Certainly, the current magisterial inquiry’s timing sent shockwaves around Malta and eroded public trust. The public trust in our independent institutions reached a nadir in the past two weeks, and this is the result of the timing of the inquiry. The establishment might be gratified with the timing, and what the inquiry entails. However, when I speak to genuine nationalist-leaning voters, they tell you that the way the external forces are operating and their thirst for vengeance, is truly eclipsing the Nationalist Party’s strategy to win elections. True, the way it is being handled, is genuinely non-strategic, especially with Maltese voters.

Meanwhile, more than two weeks passed, and I am still waiting for the proposals of the Nationalist Party for the European Parliament, and local elections. However, it seems that Dr Grech’s strategists were too busy to change his image, including his new hairstyle!

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