Ongoing consultation structures on EU policy are crucial for Malta’s maritime industry

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 May, 2024 at 2:48 pm by Andre Camilleri

The Board of the Malta Maritime Forum holds dialogue session with a delegation of candidates for the forthcoming MEP Elections representing the Partit Laburista.

“By its nature, the business activity related to most operators forming part of the maritime industry is conducted in EU or international waters, is subject to EU or international legislation and conventions and is therefore influenced by European and Global policy developments.  The EU and its policies are ever so relevant to the Maltese maritime industry particularly at this juncture when an unprecedented focus is being placed on decarbonisation and taxation issues.  For this reason, the country needs a structured and efficient mechanism of consultation to screen the horizon for EU laws in the pipeline, perform preliminary analysis, consult with key stakeholders in industry and revert back to the EU with strong positions in favour of Malta and its unique characteristics.” 

The Chairman of the Malta Maritime Forum (MMF) made this statement upon welcoming to a meeting with his Board of Directors four candidates running for the forthcoming MEP elections in representation of the Partit Laburista, namely Claudette Abela Baldacchino, Jesmond Bonello, Steve Ellul and Jesmond Marshall.

Godwin Xerri commented on the Forum’s current key policy priorities namely the articulation and implementation of a national maritime strategy; the establishment of a Maritime Court; the setting up of a dedicated maritime authority; and the upholding of high standards to safeguard the international reputation of the Industry and the country

The MEP candidates and the MMF agreed that permanent structures for ongoing policy consultation are crucial for Malta’s Maritime Industry to ensure that new EU legislative proposals are drafted in a manner that suits all Member States including Malta with its own peculiarities.  For this reason, the MMF recommended on-going dialogue and exchange between industry and MEPs to ensure that the interests of Malta are continuously safeguarded in the face of legislative proposals coming out of Brussels.

The MMF thanked the prospective MEPs for the meeting and for taking a responsible approach with respect to the Industry. 

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