5x5Challenge: Strong participation by stakeholders in favour of cleaner, healthier environment

Last Updated on Wednesday, 2 December, 2020 at 10:03 am by Andre Camilleri

Public invited to share sustainable tips in next phase of campaign

Launched last month as an initiative aimed at encouraging the local population to engage in sustainable lifestyle, a number of stakeholders in the community have joined the 5x5Challenge to advocate a healthier, cleaner environment for the wider benefit of our society.

An initiative of the Debono Group, the #5x5Challenge is sharing easy-to-apply tips on various aspects of everyday life. These tips vary from simple ideas to reduce energy consumption at home, planning daily chores to reduce car use and practical ways of recycling unwanted stuff at home through cool, decorative ideas.

Among the organisations that have joined this campaign, sharing from their end practical tips and experiences are Rota.mt, Project Aegle Foundation, Find the Door, Eco Market Malta and Casa Rocca Piccola.

Nicoletta Moss, who is spearheading the project from the Group’s end said: “Whatever we do throughout our day, what we eat, how we travel, our shopping choices, all have an impact on our quality of life and that of those in our connected communities. I am truly encouraged by the initial response we have had in the first weeks and the number of organisations and individuals that have come on board for this exciting journey”.

Debono Group CEO Geoffrey Debono commented: “This initiative ties in perfectly with a key element of our company’s vision, which is to ensure that we always deliver positive change to the sectors in which we operate. As a multi-sectoral business, we are strongly committed to reducing our own environmental footprint, and we do so by improving energy efficiency, using resources responsibly, and reducing waste. I am proud that the Group is driving forward this Challenge as part of our continued commitment to our trusted customers and wider society at large”.

As the next phase of the Challenge, the public is now being invited to share practical tips and ideas towards a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. Some cool giveaways have been lined up for the most innovative ideas shared on the Facebook and Instagram pages of the #5x5Challenge.

The initiative is being supported by the Group’s companies, namely Toyota, Cool, GoTo and WotoMoto, which provide different mobility solutions reflecting the push for sustainability which the #5x5Challenge is all about. For more information on the #5×5 Challenge, Like and Follow @5x5challengemalta.

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