65 architects receive warrant to practice their profession

Last Updated on Saturday, 11 March, 2023 at 8:11 am by Andre Camilleri

Minister for Public Works and Planning Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi presented warrants to 65 architects who completed their studies and passed the warrant exam and thus can start practicing their profession.

Whilst addressing the ceremony, Minister Zrinzo Azzopardi spoke about the significance of giving the warrant to professionals, such as architects, as a recognition from the state towards them to exercise their profession. This recognition has several duties and responsibilities attached towards the profession and towards society.

He explained the architects’ responsibilities from when the project is designed until it is completed, emphasising that every project has an impact on the nearby area and architects should be sensitive to any impact caused to the environment. “Your work will shape the world around us and have a lasting impact on those who live in the buildings you design. It carries with it tremendous responsibility, and requires a deep and collective commitment,” the minister stated.

The minister spoke about the continuous dialogue that is ongoing and will continue between all professionals and stakeholders to make a leap of quality in the building and construction sector. He also referred to the various reforms that will be announced in the coming weeks to make clear the responsibilities of all those involved in the building and construction sector. This includes the licensing of contractors bill, which will include robust legislative changes that will be made for the first time in this sector that directly affect the profession of architects, in all phases.

Minister Zrinzo Azzopardi concluded his speech by reminding the architects of the importance of the code of ethics as a guide in their work, to respect the environment and work in favour of circular economy, to protect the consumer and maintain the public’s health and safety. He appealed to them to contribute to the drafting of national policies and to actively continue to increase the relevance of their profession.

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