665 aircraft are registered in Malta as of today – a growth of 500% over the past decade

Last Updated on Thursday, 5 May, 2022 at 7:29 pm by Andre Camilleri

This was announced by Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Aaron Farrugia in the presence of Transport Malta Executive Chairman Joe Bugeja and Director General for Civil Aviation Directorate Capt. Charles Pace. 

“Despite the impact of the pandemic, the number of aircraft registered in Malta and the number of companies transferring their business to our country actually continued to grow. The underlying factor is the strength and reputation of our country in this sector, the government’s commitment, as well as the sterling work of the Civil Aviation Directorate (CAD) within Transport Malta”, said Minister Farrugia.

The minister explained that the recipe for success in this area is reputation, sustainability, efficiency and innovation. He explained that the increase in the number of aircraft registered is, in itself, an expression of trust by a substantial number of companies who clearly view Malta as a place to reinvent themselves. He said that this type of foreign direct investment is important for Malta as it stimulates economic growth and provides job opportunities. 

“Building a good reputation is an uphill struggle but the opposite will apply if we are complacent. In this regard, I pledge to fight excessive bureaucracy and cut red tape as much as possible. We need to remain focused and efficient, delivering a timely and cost-effective product. As a government, we need to listen, to be ahead of the game and to sustain the required expertise. We cannot be stuck in the past, and we need to take bold decisions to enable regulators to do their job and to deliver in line with industry expectations. We have also been told by many that Malta is the preferred jurisdiction in Europe, and I have learned that we have outpaced many larger jurisdictions. But this growth needs to be sustainable: both fiscally and environmentally, as we continue to push our country towards an ecological transition without in any manner hindering our connectivity and continuing to strengthen our touristic product”, stated the minister. 

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