A delicious Bukkun: All you need to know about Malta’s first children’s food company

Julia Anastasi and Erika Vella

Last Updated on Friday, 12 February, 2021 at 12:39 pm by Andre Camilleri

As we embark steadily into this new year, one resolution many of us try to keep is to strive to be healthier and to educate ourselves on what we are consuming. While this may be difficult enough when you are just responsible for yourself alone, it must be an arduous task for parents who, along with their never-ending to-do list, try to instil healthy eating habits in their children.

And so, comes about Bukkun, Malta’s first ever children’s food company, whose aim is to support parents with “the chaos that is mealtime”. This small local business is the brainchild of Erika Vella and Julia Anastasi, who “have long dreamt of combining their love for children with their passion for food.” Bukkun, they expand, is “the result of putting their creative minds to use and starting something they could call their own. Being so lucky to live on an island with incredible local produce at one’s fingertips; reared meat, fresh caught fish, and a variety of fruit and vegetables, Bukkun’s mission encompasses many of their personal lifestyle choices, adapted to the needs and requirements of children.” Together with their nutritionist, Sara Borg, they curate “delicious and wholesome goodness which all kids, from picky-eaters to everything-eaters, will love.”

The food is delivered fresh to families’ homes, and soon, Bukkun’s upcoming Daily Fresh service will allow parents to have the food delivered to their child’s school or nursery. The duo is also excited to announce the launch of their new website, bukkun.com.mt, which will not only allow parents to place their orders, but also give them access to educational content, about how we can nourish our bodies and minds with access to the right resources.

Ever since Erika and Julia met 4 years ago, the two have been inseparable. Already having the “entrepreneurial bug” within them, the two started developing their ‘Bukkun’ concept when the pandemic hit, finally having found some free time. Realising that there was not much of a market for fresh and homemade food for children, Erika and Julia got to work. “We both knew that it was now or never!”

The duo’s passion and motivation for their business is fuelled by the support and encouragement they receive from their customers, making them realise they are a great support system to parents, by “acting as an extension to them in the kitchen – and it is the best feeling!” Seeing their hard work pay off is to them a moment of pride, and this is one of their favourite things about being business owners. Not only this, but by planning and executing ideas, Bukkun has become a great creative outlet, keeping them inspired and excited to work.

Speaking about their experience as entrepreneurs in Malta, Erika and Julia gratefully admit that in spite of the challenges they’ve faced, they have found great support from their suppliers, and recently from SHE, a community of empowered female entrepreneurs. Through the challenges endured, they have learned to remain persistent and to adapt to the circumstances brought by the pandemic, in turn making them more resilient. And to aspiring entrepreneurs, the two leave us off with some advice: “Believe in yourself and your product, and take every challenge as a learning opportunity. This is the key to success!”

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