‘A slowdown or halt in our sector would profoundly impact the nation’s economy’ – MDA President

Last Updated on Monday, 16 October, 2023 at 9:28 am by Andre Camilleri

President of the Malta Developers Association (MDA) Michael Stivala has said that a slowdown in this sector would ‘profoundly impact’ the nation’s economy.

The Malta Developers Association (MDA) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the year.

“The meeting, attended by the association’s members, saw prominent figures from the industry, political leaders, and other stakeholders come together to discuss the challenges and future of the construction industry in Malta,” the MDA said.

Stivala said: “The MDA represents a workforce of over 30,000 individuals in direct employment. A slowdown or halt in our sector would profoundly impact the nation’s economy.” Stivala elaborated that the construction industry contributes millions to the Maltese economy through taxes and VAT. “This revenue plays an indispensable role in vital sectors such as education and health, bolstering the well-being of all citizens,” the MDA said.

However, Mr. Stivala expressed concerns about the bureaucratic maze the industry currently grapples with. He stressed the need for streamlined processes, saying: “The industry currently has to navigate through consultations with over 21 institutions without deriving any noticeable improvement in quality or additional benefits. We must address this.” Furthermore, emphasising the correlation between quality and financial investment, he urged for necessary actions to uplift the industry’s standards.

“We can’t achieve superior quality without financial backing. There’s also a pressing need for government incentives promoting energy-efficient buildings. This isn’t merely an industry requirement but an environmental imperative,” Stivala remarked.

“Opposition leader Dr Bernard Grech acknowledged the paramount importance of the industry, underlining the twin pillars of quality and sustainability. He emphasised, ‘We must establish anecosystem for the industry to flourish, ensuring that operators not meeting the required standards are duly addressed.’ The AGM’s keynote was delivered by Prime Minister Robert Abela. He recognised the industry’s contribution since 2012 but also highlighted that priorities have evolved. ‘Quality must be the lynchpin around which the industry revolves,’ he said. Dr Abela also expressed the need for the construction industry to align with Malta’s environmental goals, particularly targeting carbon-neutral buildings,” the MDA said.

The AGM also witnessed the announcement of the new MDA council for the coming term: President: Michael Stivala, Vice President: Denise Xuereb, Secretary General: Paul Attard, Treasurer: Alfred Camilleri, Council members include: Pierre Galea, Dr. Leon Chetcuti, Malcolm Mallia, Anton Camilleri, Pio Vassallo.

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