AIBC Summit attracts 5,500 delegates for spring show

(source: AIBC Summit media/

The second edition of the Malta Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain (AIBC) Summit welcomed 5,500 delegates, 150 exhibitors and 100 startups over the two-day event, according to the press release sent to Business Malta.

The show brought together key players from the sectors of artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and other emerging technologies to discuss and shape the future.

Prime Minister of Malta Joseph Muscat said in his keynote speech that emerging technologies should not be feared but rather embraced and utilised for offering a better life. He also said his government will keep supporting these verticals.

“The results have been overwhelming. We are staying a step ahead, helping the government bring all these great minds to Malta, fueling the Maltese economy by supporting the tech ecosystem,” commented Eman Pulis, Founder of Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit and CEO of SiGMA Group. “There are plenty of incentives for A.I. and blockchain companies to relocate to Malta, so what better forum than a summit like this to bring everyone together. I think it is safe to assume that it is the largest show in its category worldwide so far this year.”

The list of VIP speakers included Brock Pierce, Ben Goertzel, Larry Sanger, Patrick Chang, and Noel Sharkey, all sharing valuable insights and enriching the audience in the process. Moreover, keynotes from industry giants Noel Sharkey and Bobby Lee had a fundamental meaning for the audience, with Bobby Lee emphatic on bitcoin’s staying power, saying he believed it would eventually go up to a million dollars, as the press release says.

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