Almost 60,000 people visited Malta in January; much higher than 2021, but still some way off 2020

Last Updated on Tuesday, 22 March, 2022 at 12:14 pm by Andre Camilleri

Malta welcomed 59,928 visitors to its shores in the month of January, data published by the National Statistics Office on Tuesday showed.

The number of people travelling to the island is far higher than in 2021, when only 13,806 people travelled to Malta – but it remains just under two-thirds lower than in January 2020 – one of the last months before the Covid-19 pandemic – when Malta welcomed 150,131 visitors.

During the month under review, a total of 51,640 inbound tourists visited Malta for holiday purposes, followed by 4,243 tourists for business purposes.

The largest share of inbound tourists were aged between 25 and 44 years (43.6 per cent), followed by the 45 – 64 age bracket (28.0 per cent).

Polish and Italian residents made up 23.1 per cent of total inbound tourists.

The largest share of guest nights (78.0 per cent) was spent in rented accommodation establishments.

The average length of stay of total inbound tourists stood at 9.7 nights.

Total tourist expenditure reached almost €47.0 million. The average expenditure per night was estimated at €81.40.

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