ANCHOVY. appointed technology partner for the Arab Parliament for the Child

Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 August, 2021 at 9:38 am by Andre Camilleri

The Dubai office of ANCHOVY PLC., was approached to design and build a customized  online voting platform for the Arab Parliament for the Child, a council for children’s dialogue and discussion of ministers and decision-makers across 17 countries.

Headed by ANCHOVY’S strategic division, the highly secure electronic platform was built in record time, over 9 weeks from conception to deployment. It included a portal for members, administrators and auditors to ensure votes and information were accurately managed and facilitated up to two rounds of voting. User experience and reporting were paramount and needed to cater for a variety of different ages and skill sets.

Ayman Othman Al-Barout, the Secretary General of the Arab Parliament for the child, revealed that the election of the Speakers of Parliament including the President, two Vice Presidents and all permanent committees, namely the Activities and Events Committee and the Committee on the Rights of the Child, would be elected by the second round on July 31, by approximately 17 countries, 68 members 12 members nominated for the president, 10 nominated for the first deputy, 8 nominated for the second deputy. This platform created by ANCHOVY PLC, served to ensure that all preliminary voting for this election was done securely.  The digital experience agency also partnered with local partners TechFirm.

Al-Barout added  that the main objective of the Parliament is to care for the Arab youth across all Arab countries. Its role is to offer the children everything they need to be able to grow and progress in their lives, including their participation in society and their contribution to building their country.

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