Another prosperous EU CodeWeek for Malta

Last Updated on Thursday, 3 November, 2022 at 2:56 pm by Andre Camilleri

Another prosperous EU CodeWeek for 2022 has ended with approximately 71K events taking place between October 8 and October 23, 2022! EU CodeWeek was a tremendous success both on a national and international level, just like it has been for the previous five years. Over 460 coding events have been recorded in Malta, and more are being added every day! With 460+ events, Malta now has the second-highest number of coding events per capita on the EU CodeWeek Scoreboard.  

This exceptional performance is largely credited to Malta’s Government and Church Schools’ unwavering commitment. It is important to highlight the commitment of the Government and Church school teachers who work under the capable supervision of the Directorate for Digital Literacy in Government Schools and the Transversal Skills and Digital Literacy team at the Secretariat for Catholic Education. This achievement was also aided by MCAST. 

The coding classes that were held this year, were diverse and really creative. The sessions included playing and singing with Boom Whackers, learning to code with Java, understanding computational thinking concepts through Lego We Do, and telling stories with Qobo! All the events were outstanding!

The eSkills Malta Foundation, who represents Malta during EU CodeWeek, is always searching for new stakeholders to collaborate with the Foundation during EU Codeweek. The Foundation places a high value on innovation, with this in mind, this year it collaborated with the Foundation of Educational Services (FES) and Data Science Malta to offer over 200 primary school students robotics sessions during SkolaSajf at 30 different SkolaSajf Centers. The sessions turned out to be a tremendous success.

The coding session titled “Nanniet u Neputijiet” (Grandparents and Grandchildren) organised in partnership with Senglea Local Council and Senglea Primary School was another fruitful and creative event during EU CodeWeek. The grandparents engaged with their grandchildren while using Scratch Junior, making the session a great success. This engaging activity was well directed by Christabel Mifsud.

Coding is a year-round activity, not only during the two weeks in October. In light of this, the Foundation issued a call for coding instructors and funded more than 16 coding bootcamps which are taking place throughout 2022.

All students and increasingly individuals in a variety of businesses and professions will need to develop the key competency of coding. The eSkills Malta Foundation will use every effort to see that this goal is accomplished!

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