Arringo Ltd acquires QGen in strategic expansion move to become industry leader

Damian Mifsud, QGen CEO (left) Simon Camilleri, Arringo CEO (right)

Last Updated on Wednesday, 9 March, 2022 at 9:46 am by Andre Camilleri

In a strong statement to the marketplace, Arringo has placed themselves at the forefront of the industry with this acquisition, by simultaneously expanding and refining the services they offer.

Arringo Ltd, a market leader in business solutions and customer services acquired QGen, a fintech/risk management services company. This partnership aligns with Arringo’s recent hiring of their new CEO Simon Camilleri, a veteran risk manager who said: “We feel the QGen acquisition is a great compliment to Arringo’s current portfolio and will enable the company to provide the level of services Arringo’s clients have come to expect, while expanding services to a broader audience. With the joint capabilities of both companies, this acquisition will enable Arringo to fulfil its future potential, and improve its seamless and high-quality services, covering all possible aspects from onboarding to KYC, marketing, payments and software and development.”

Arringo currently offers their clients a vast range of services, executed to the highest possible standard. These include back and front-end engineering, business development, full marketing and branding services as well as customer operations. Bringing QGen onboard, will help improve the seamless business solutions experiences covering all aspects of the industry. Damian Mifsud, QGen Chief Executive Officer added: “Qgen is very excited for the opportunity to join forces with Arringo to build the next generation of compliance products with new initiatives, backed up with further investment. Since our early beginnings we have constantly innovated and evolved to offer a distinctive combination of a technology platform with 3rd party orchestration and a multi jurisdiction team of highly skilled compliance professionals. As a unique provider of managed services catering to many of Europe’s leading FinTech’s and other regulated businesses we look forward to continuing pioneering compliance products that will truly help our clients and the industry”

Both companies are focused and driven by common aspirations and goals and look forward to the new opportunities for local and international companies that will be created through this strategic partnership. QGen is an integral operator that prides itself on the credibility, security and safety they offer their clients through their exclusive and pioneering global KYC protocols.

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