Atlas Insurance donation to SOS Malta in aid of children in Gaza

Atlas Insurance CEO Matthew von Brockdorff; SOS Malta founder member and Board administrator Claudia Taylor East and Atlas Insurance HR business partner Daniela Mariani

Last Updated on Thursday, 1 February, 2024 at 3:34 pm by Andre Camilleri

Atlas Insurance has this year reaffirmed its commitment to global well-being with a donation to SOS Malta’s overseas development aid initiative. The donation was presented by Atlas Insurance CEO Matthew von Brockdorff to SOS Malta founder member and Board administrator Claudia Taylor East.

The funds donated by Atlas Insurance will be passed on by SOS Malta to the international NGO Save The Children and will be dedicated to alleviating the hardships faced by the long-suffering children of Gaza, helping to provide them with much-needed relief and hope in this time of war. The donation will specifically be used to finance play structures that create safe spaces in which children can engage in fun and educational activities under the professional supervision of social workers as part of a psychosocial aid programme.

von Brockdorff commented: “This donation reflects our deep concern for the well-being of those who are most vulnerable and our awareness that, in times of war, the impact on innocent lives is immeasurable. I am proud of Team Atlas for responding generously to this fund-raising initiative, in the spirit of our culture of compassion and genuine desire to contribute to improve the lives of others in meaningful ways.”

The funds raised through the collective efforts of employees, combined with the company’s contribution, resulted in the sum of €3,000 being handed over to SOS Malta.

While thanking Atlas Insurance, Taylor East on behalf of SOS Malta stated: “Amid the chaos of war, let us be the architects of hope for the innocent children caught up in its crossfire. Together we can make a difference.”

SOS Malta is a Maltese NGO that works with local and international voluntary organisations to aid people experiencing times of crisis and provide them with support services and opportunities to implement development and change in their country.

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