BMIT signs strategic partnership with Microsoft

    Peggy Antonakou, Microsoft’s CEO for Greece, Cyprus and Malta, and Christian Sammut, CEO of BMIT. (source: BMIT Media)

    Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 August, 2019 at 10:58 am by Christian Keszthelyi

    Cloud services provider BMIT made Microsoft Azure products accessible to local businesses under strategic partnershipwith Microsoft, BMIT Technologies announced at the end of 2018 during a workshop event organised by Microsoft for several gaming companies in collaboration with the Malta Gaming Authority and EY, according to a press statement by BMIT.

    Microsoft Azure products will become more accessible to local businesses following a strategic partnership between Microsoft and BMIT Technologies, which incorporates BMIT Limited and Kinetix IT Solutions Limited.

    Due to the partnership, which incorporates BMIT Limited and Kinetix IT Solutions Limited, BMIT expects to offer new services to customers, including the possibility to purchase Microsoft’s Azure services directly from BMIT.

    “The strategic partnership is the positive outcome of our discussions between Microsoft and BMIT, always with the scope of bringing together Microsoft as a worldwide leader in cloud services and BMIT, whom we consider as one of Malta’s leading IT and cloud managed services provider, perfectly able and equipped to drive cloud-based innovation among Maltese businesses,” said Peggy Antonakou, Microsoft’s CEO for Greece, Cyprus and Malta, during the announcement.

    “We already enable a good number of organisations by leveraging our local infrastructure and our expertise to deliver a variety of cloud-based scenarios including public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure and productivity solutions, said Christian Sammut, CEO of BMIT. He also said he expects additional synergies to come up between BMIT Technologies and Microsoft.

    “This closer collaboration will take such efforts to a new level, allowing us to deliver a broader range of emerging technologies based on Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365 to both our Malta-based and international customers,” Mr Sammut said.

    “Our agreement with BMIT forms part of this commitment to work and collaborate closely with trusted and responsible partners so that they can apply the right technologies that help the community achieve economic and social prosperity,” added Ms Antonakou.

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