Bolt strengthens its presence in Malta with operational changes

Last Updated on Monday, 4 April, 2022 at 9:27 am by Andre Camilleri

Bolt has announced it is strengthening its position in Malta with operational changes that will allow the European super-app to continue making urban travel and delivery on the island affordable, safe and sustainable. With the new changes, Bolt will be placing even greater focus on addressing the needs of couriers, drivers, merchants and customers, and increasing the quality of services and geographical expansion into the island of Malta in the upcoming months.

The new plans include exciting additions to Bolt’s services in Malta. Bolt will increase the number of restaurants on its platform and continue investing heavily to ensure lower pricing for customers is thoroughly maintained. The company is also planning to onboard more drivers, improving customer experience and driver arrival times. New technologies and features such as a scientifically-based drunk-riding prevention feature developed in-house contribute to safer scooter rides, and various responsible parking initiatives will also be introduced over the next couple of months. The company is looking to strengthen the local team and increase the team headcount in order to provide better support to customers, partner drivers, restaurants and couriers.

The company is making changes to its operational structure as well. Bolt operated in Malta using a partner, TXF Tech, and the agreement regulating this partnership ended in March, as of which Bolt started to operate in Malta independently by its group companies. By strengthening its position as market leader in Malta, Bolt will make the market more competitive and introduce its  global procedures and processes on the island. For drivers and couriers, this means greater control over their own time and more efficient work, which makes it possible to better anticipate earnings in the long run.

Malta is an important market for us and we are looking forward to investing significantly more in the country. It has always been the plan to transition partner markets to regular markets operated by Bolt at some point. With the help of our trusted local partner TXF Tech, Bolt has reached a leading position in the market. This natural transition in Malta shows our commitment towards being the leading mobility platform in the region whilst continuing to make urban travel and delivery affordable, safe and sustainable. We are looking forward to expanding in Malta and collaborating with local authorities and stakeholders. – GJ Kistemaker, Global Head of Franchise & Partner Markets at Bolt.

The journey from first introducing Bolt’s services to becoming a market leader was a great experience. We trust that with Bolt’s further focus and investments in Malta, the team will be able to provide the most compelling service to our drivers, couriers and customers. The entire TXF Team is very happy to have partnered with Bolt and proud of our achievements together. Klas Johansson, CEO at TXF Tech Ltd.

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