BOV calls all students to join the club!

Last Updated on Saturday, 29 July, 2023 at 10:01 am by Andre Camilleri

Bank of Valletta is calling all post-secondary and tertiary level students to join the BOV Club Students Package for the upcoming scholastic year starting in October 2023. Students who choose BOV as their banking partner and receive their monthly stipend in their BOV account will also receive a welcome gift of €50. This will be credited into the same account when the student receives the first stipend. Other incentives for new BOV Club members will also be in store around Freshers’ Week.

With summer in full swing and school results still coming in, college and university days seem far away, and embarking on a new study year might be the last thing on students’ minds. However, the prospect of starting post-secondary or tertiary education also brings with it the excitement of a new journey. This journey will also include having a stipend account, and the BOV Club is the perfect package to have in the bag, thus giving students the peace of mind that their finances are well taken care of. Ancillary banking products that make student life easier come part and parcel of the package. A debit or credit card, internet and mobile banking, Google and Apple Wallets, unsecured student loans and various investment options are all available.

Speaking during the BOV Club Student Package launch, Simon Azzopardi, BOV Chief Personal and Wealth Management Officer said: “We are committed to make students’ lives easier. Our BOV Mobile, Google Wallet and Apple Pay provide unique solutions for every BOV Club member. Attractive prizes will be tied to the usage of these services. Pay with your smartphone or smartwatch, no wallet is needed!  Students can further their studies through simple study loans and through our BOV Studies Plus+ product. We also understand that some students might have longer-term ambitions. Investing with a regular savings plan or trading in stocks, are also available options for such students. These options are offered at a discount to all club members”.

The Student Package is available to all students aged between 16 and 30 who will be studying on a full-time basis at the start of the new scholastic year. Applying for a new stipend account can easily be done through or by visiting a BOV Branch. Students are encouraged to set an appointment beforehand at if they choose the latter option. Further information about the benefits attached to the 2023 BOV Club Student Package and the full terms and conditions are available at

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