BOV managers discuss customer-driven strategies

Last Updated on Thursday, 9 February, 2023 at 3:09 pm by Andre Camilleri

This is first of a series of management meetings that Bank of Valletta is holding with the key players across all its customer touchpoints, bringing together the people who ultimately deliver services to the Bank’s vast customer base.

Simon Azzopardi, Chief Wealth Management Officer initiated the meeting by highlighting the importance of creating synergies within an organisation. “Bringing together professional teams and specialised staff and encouraging cooperation and mutual trust across all functions is critical in building synergies and yielding higher efficiency across the organisation,” he said.

The Bank’s CEO, Kenneth Farrugia was also present. In his intervention he emphasised the importance of working in an agile manner, consolidating the Bank’s efforts across all touchpoints to enhance the relationship between the customer and the Bank and improving the overall customer experience. “The Bank’s efforts are being driven by a vision to provide an effective omnichannel solution to our customers. The progress being made in digitising the Bank’s operations and offering a seamless service across these touchpoints goes a long way toward achieving this goal. Keeping the customer at the centre of all decisions is of critical importance”.

Speaking at the end of the event, Geoffrey Ghigo, Head Retail Network at BOV acknowledged the challenges which the Bank overcame during 2022, also thanks to the hard work and commitment put in by the Bank’s employees. “We are developing and introducing a number of initiatives that are key in aligning our business goals with the overall vision of keeping the customer at the core of everything we do. Such occasions also give us a unique opportunity to listen to our people, who can provide invaluable feedback through their day-to-day engagement with customers.”

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