BOV pledges further support for Malta’s cultural heritage

    Fort Rinella’s 100-ton gun. (source: Wikimedia Commons/DDru777)

    With its long-term partnership with Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna (FWA) Bank of Valletta (BOV) continues to support Malta’s cultural heritage, according to a BOV press release.

    Focusing on Fort Rinella, FWA Chairman Mario Farrugia welcomed the Executive PR & Marketing at BOV Charles Azzopardi to Fort Rinella, with the aim of explaining the latest developments made at this site.

    Fort Rinella was built in 1878 and represents a unique remnant of Malta’s British colonial past. It also houses one of the only two remaining 100-ton guns in the world. The fort was entrusted to the FWA and was transformed in a historic and touristic attraction for Malta, as the press release says.

    “Our plan is to continue to regenerate this site to attract local and international visitors to a unique experience in a one-of-a-kind monument. The latest acquisition through the Bank’s collaboration is a flail mower that enables us to keep the extensive cultivated area of the Fort in immaculate condition for the enjoyment of the visitors,” said Mr Farrugia.

    “While the need to preserve cultural heritage is widely recognized, the availability of the financial resources to do so is often not so widely available. Bank of Valletta, through its extensive Community Programme, supports numerous heritage projects that we are convinced enrich the individual lives of citizens while playing a role in enhancing Malta’s image internationally,” said Mr Azzopardi.

    “We understand that Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna has further projects in the pipeline, and are eagerly looking forward to seeing these projects come into fruition,” Mr Azzopardi added.

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