Brief period of heightened measures, enforcement necessary

Last Updated on Thursday, 17 September, 2020 at 11:00 am by Andre Camilleri

The Malta Chamber calls for urgent meeting of the MCESD to discuss the current COVID crisis and suggests that reducing the contagion needs to become a national priority

In the interest of the physical and economic health of the country, The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry calls for the introduction of new stronger measures, to urgently contain the recent spike in virus contagion numbers.

It is evident that renewed discipline is required amongst certain cohorts of the population as other countries have also experienced.  For this reason, the Chamber is calling for a concerted approach made by all enforcement agencies in order to step up appropriate enforcement measures.

The Malta Chamber suggests that the authorities need to step up their awareness campaigns for vigilance about the seriousness of the pandemic that is currently engulfing all aspects of life the world over.  Besides, it must also be drilled into the public consciousness, that while we must adapt, life is not back to normality as we knew it pre-pandemic.

For this reason, The Malta Chamber has called an urgent meeting of the MCESD, to discuss the dire situation and the need to make this a national priority for everyone.

The Malta Chamber is proposing a brief period of heightened restrictions to be introduced immediately, in order to control the current spike in cases.  The proposed restrictions may include amongst others, the reduction of size of public gatherings, wearing of masks at all times outside of homes and active encouragement of remote working wherever possible. Besides, authorities may also consider temporary closure of certain leisure establishments and communal places.

With regards to education, as matters stand, it is not unrealistic that parents are growing sceptical about sending their children to school. We must work in the short term to make sure that the infection rate is brought once again under control.  This would also provide schools with much needed additional time to better prepare themselves for their students’ intake. The re-opening of schools, which remains in the best interest of our children, can only happen under

heightened measures and disciplined enforcement. Once a semblance of control is achieved, the heightened restriction period can start being released slowly.

Targeted measures and urgent support is also overdue to care-homes for the elderly, as they too are facing extremely trying times.  The country must help control the spread of the virus as a national priority, as the country’s health services risk becoming inundated very soon.

There is a very real threat out there which must be taken seriously. This is threatening the breakdown of society. We must work together in order to safeguard all that we have achieved together.

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