CBM launches academic visitors programme with QMUL

(source: Unsplash/Mimi Thian)

The Central Bank of Malta (CBM) agreed with Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) on an academic visitors programme, which enables scholars from the School of Economics and Finance at QMUL to visit the CBM for carrying out research at the bank and to do an internship, according to a press release by the bank.  

The agreement was signed by CBM Governor Mario Vella and Colin Bailey, President and Principal of QMUL.

The programme follows a joint conference in London last year and a public lecture in Malta by Professor Sujoy Mukerji, Head of the School of Economics and Finance, at the Central Bank of Malta in March. 

In addition, the agreement is expected to result in a mutually beneficial deepening of collaboration between the Central Bank of Malta and QMUL.

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