Commitment to strengthen cooperation between Malta and the UAE towards more investment in projects of common interest

Last Updated on Friday, 26 November, 2021 at 9:20 am by Andre Camilleri

In a meeting between Minister for the Economy and Industry Silvio Schembri and Minister for the Economy of the United Arab Emirates Abdullah bin Touq Al Marri, the two parties agreed that cooperation between the two countries must continue with the implementation of projects of common interest, primarily those within the digital economy, namely in the blockchain, gaming and family business sectors.

This meeting with the Minister for the Economy of the United Arab Emirates followed their first meeting last May, as well as another meeting held last week, when a delegation from the Emirates visited our country and held more meetings with Maltese government entities. Moreover, discussions between entities of the two governments will continue in the coming weeks, which will be aimed at leading this cooperation to continue materialising in tangible projects.

During the same visit to the United Arab Emirates, at the invitation of the Minister for the Economy of the same country, Minister Silvio Schembri attended and addressed the fintech conference.

During his visit in the United Arab Emirates, Minister Schembri also had a meeting with Chairman of Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM) Ahmed Jasim Al Zaabi, in which the possibility of setting up an investment fund for innovative start-ups was discussed, with the aim of funding and developing their projects into commercial products or services. This, in turn, will continue to attract more investment to our country and create new opportunities between the two countries.

“We are joining the United Arab Emirates to ensure that what we achieved in Malta continues to be exported beyond our borders. This is a method which seeks to continue to strengthen one’s contact as a country, strengthen the presence of our country on an international level and, consequently, continue to put Malta on the world map, particularly as in this case with regard to fintech, the blockchain sector and other sectors incorporated within the technological and digital economy field,” said Minister Schembri.

The delegation was led by Minister for the Economy and Industry Silvio Schembri, who was accompanied by Maltese Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates Maria Camilleri Calleja. The delegation included Permanent Secretary within the Ministry for the Economy Nancy Caruana, as well as representatives from Mimcol, MGI, Tech.Mt, Malta Enterprise and Finance Malta.

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