Drinkaware Malta launches awareness campaign

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Last Updated on Monday, 25 November, 2019 at 12:06 pm by Christian Keszthelyi

Drinkaware Malta has launched a campaign for the 2019 festive season to raise awareness about the possible consequences and realities resulting from alcohol abuse, according to a press statement sent to Business Malta.

Drinkaware Malta is nurtured by The Sense Group (TSG), an organisation founded in 1997 by producers and importers of alcoholic beverages, aiming to reduce alcohol-related harm by promoting moderate drinking.

“This year’s campaign message is a call-to-action inviting everyone who intends to enjoy the coming weeks with alcohol to keep their minds focussed on what really makes this a happy festive season—health, family and friends. Alcohol abuse can shatter one’s life and that of others in an instant,” said Ray Grech, Director General of The Sense Group which runs the Drinkawaremalta campaign.

“Besides urging caution, the campaign is also encouraging people to keep an eye on family and friends who might not realise their alcohol habits could be an accident waiting to happen,” he added.

TSG’s website Drinkawaremalta.com provides useful information on the effects of alcohol, tips and guidance for parents, and how one can enjoy alcohol without intoxication. Some practical steps include pacing drinks with periods of abstinence, alternating with water, eating before and during the event, and avoiding mixing different types of alcoholic drinks.

“Beyond urging people to avoid drink-driving which, as we all know, can have devastating consequences, this year we are also encouraging those who abuse alcohol and their loved ones to sit down and have a ‘straight talk’ on how to tackle the problem in a positive and supportive way,” Mr Grech added.

Through a play on words, Drinkaware Malta invites the reader to reflect not only their situation but also on those around them, and how this could drastically change through thoughtless alcohol abuse, as seen in the imagery below.

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