Dronamics begins development of Global Network Operations Centre with a grant from Malta Enterprise

Last Updated on Thursday, 14 December, 2023 at 12:50 pm by Andre Camilleri

Dronamics, the world’s first licensed cargo drone airline, has been awarded a grant by Malta Enterprise, the economic development agency of Malta. The grant will be used towards the development of Dronamics’ Global Network Operations Centre (GNOC). The GNOC will serve as the heart of the Dronamics cargo airline operations, from where the planning and coordination of the global fleet of drones will take place.

The Dronamics Global Network Operation Center will be the first of its kind in the world, reinforcing both Dronamics’ and Malta’s positions at the forefront of aviation innovation. The grant from Malta Enterprise will support its setup and development, with planned entry into service in 2024.

Dronamics is on a mission to make more affordable, more efficient and more sustainable freight possible, especially for remote and underserved communities. The company’s all-in-one solution for the middle-mile streamlines existing supply chains through integration of its Black Swan long-range cargo drone, its droneports network and its Global Network Operation Center (GNOC) which will be located within Malta International Airport.

Malta’s strategic positioning and its role as a thriving aviation hub make it a key focal point for Dronamics’ air freight operations. Dronamics Airlines Europe Ltd. has been registered and based in Malta since 2022 and was awarded a Light UAS Certificate (LUC) from Transport Malta, which is valid in all EASA countries. The company has successfully set up its European Operations team in the region and, with the establishment of  the world’s first Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) in Malta, it plans to further grow its local team.

Dronamics is set to commence its first commercial operations in Greece at the beginning of 2024, with subsequent expansions across the Mediterranean and Europe. Malta will continue to play a crucial role in shaping the future of cargo drone deliveries, as the Dronamics’ network continues to grow.

 “Malta has proven to be a trusted partner in our mission to redefine air cargo logistics. The grant from Malta Enterprise is a testament to their commitment to innovation and will significantly contribute to the development of our Global Network Operation Centre, supporting our innovation drive to transform the industry,”  said Dr Kenneth Chircop, General Manager for Dronamics in Malta.

Malta Enterprise CEO Kurt Farrugia welcomed the investment stressing that the news is one of the first steps in creating an innovative mobility hub in Malta – especially in the new emerging economic niche which is the drone industry:  “Since 2021 Malta Enterprise has teamed up with other Maltese entities in pushing for our islands and territorial waters to act as a space where companies can ‘Build – Test – Train’ novel technologies safely. We are now proud to welcome and support Dronamics in joining our ecosystem. Our support to this Operation Centre will not only see Malta becoming an important hub for this promising scale-up, as it enacts the impressive set of collaborations across the supply chain, but it will also create the type of careers that we are after. Financially rewarding job openings offering our youths the opportunity to be involved in global innovation from our very own shores”.

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