€250,000 investment in Salina National Park

Last Updated on Wednesday, 8 September, 2021 at 10:57 am by Andre Camilleri

Salina National Park will be given an upgrade through a number of interventions, mainly to improve the state of the park and increase accessibility.

Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning Aaron Farrugia said this €250,000 investment by Ambjent Malta goes together with a number of ongoing restoration and regeneration projects around the islands. 

He explained that various interventions are ongoing on parks as well as natural areas and Natura2000 sites to improve the conservation status of the habitats and species, as well as to improve recreational areas and make them more accessible to all. “Recreational areas are what makes communities liveable – they provide a better environment and contribute to a better quality of life,” Minister Farrugia reiterated. 

Ambjent Malta has conducted several upkeep projects in this park including the maintenance of rubble walls, clearing of litter, planting, and pruning of trees.

The interventions being announced include the installation of new picnic benches and restoration of existing ones, installation of new rubber flooring and synthetic turf, the construction of a new sanitary facility, and the restoration of the John F. Kennedy memorial.

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