€683 million in direct assistance during the Covid-19 pandemic

Miriam Dalli
Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development Miriam Dalli

Last Updated on Wednesday, 29 December, 2021 at 5:14 pm by Andre Camilleri

Wage Supplement assistance will be extended until the end of January 2022, with the Government continuing discussions with the stakeholders to ensure timely assistance to businesses, especially during these challenging times.

This was confirmed by the Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development Miriam Dalli, who announced that businesses have so far benefited from a total of €653 million in Wage Supplement.

The Wage Supplement extension will remain in the current format, with those receiving the maximum benefit of €800 in December to continue receiving this assistance for their workers.

Addressing a press briefing with Malta Enterprise CEO Kurt Farrugia, Minister Miriam Dalli explained that assistance to businesses directly linked to COVID-19 also included support on rents, electricity bills, quarantine leave and teleworking, at an additional investment of €30 million.

“With the economic policy that this Government has embraced, we have managed to protect more than 105,000 jobs and assist more than 17,500 businesses. During these months we have been working to provide aid directly linked to COVID-19, aid to stimulate economic growth,  to attract investment and to improve the skills of our workers,” said Minister Miriam Dalli .

Minister Dalli said the government has worked to ensure that the burdens of international electricity, gas and fuel prices are not carried by the Maltese and Gozitan families and businesses. As of November, Eurostat figures show that across the Eurozone, the price of electricity rose by an average of 18%, with the increase reaching 47% in Spain.

“Businesses and workers in Malta and Gozo have the peace of mind of lower energy bills and the guarantee of a Government that is always there to listen and act on their needs,” said Minister Dalli.

Malta Enterprise CEO Kurt Farrugia said that “Malta Enterprise has been essential throughout the pandemic. While working to attract new investments to Malta it also made sure that thousands of jobs are safeguarded through the different measures that it was pushing forward such as the wage supplement and the quarantine leave. Malta Enterprise is also helping efforts to regenerate Malta’s economy and create new opportunities for businesses to grow.”

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