eCabs sets new Safety and Comfort Standards in School Transport

Last Updated on Thursday, 15 October, 2020 at 11:30 am by Andre Camilleri

As an integral step in the shaping of its leading mobility solutions portfolio, eCabs has launched a new service line for school transport, which is setting the standard for mobility involving children in Malta.

Safety, professionalism, and comfort have been cornerstones of the eCabs brand promise since its first day of operations over a decade ago. The current challenging period shaped by the Covid-19 restrictions has spurred eCabs to once again raise the bar of  existing standards and service offering, to meet international best practice. The fleet of highly sanitised people carriers dedicated to the school run service were very well received by parents, being fully aware of eCabs’ unwavering commitment to the highest health and safety protocols.

“Once again we are raising the bar. We are humbled by the response of the parents who chose to trust their children in eCabs’ hands, confirming the high regard there already exists about our health and safety standards. Unlike traditional school runs, we are also offering the service of collection and drop-off outside the children’s home, rather than the traditional meeting-point, translating into more convenience but even more safety for the children to remain within the proximity of their home until picked up” says Simon Debono, Chief Marketing Officer at eCabs.

eCabs’ fleet procedures include an intensive sanitisation process, whilst all drivers are equipped with disinfectant sprays and wipes to constantly sanitise all high touch areas within the vehicle.

Fewer children than the maximum capacity per vehicle are being accommodated to avoid overcrowding, improve safety and respect social distancing provisions even within the van. 8-seater people carriers which have been deployed are purposely selected to reduce the number of children in contact with each other in every run and as little as 6 children are being accommodated in each 8-seater. In the case when 16 seaters are being used, the number of children has been limited to 11.

The eCabs drivers have been given specialised one-to-one training related to the varying guidelines and requirements of the different schools, with hand sanitizer provided on board each vehicle being used, the assurance that all children wear their masks onboard, as well as fastened seatbelts before each trip commences. Attendance is also being taken per trip to further enhance the safety and tracing of the children on each trip.

“As a parent, I know all too well that when it comes to school transport, we want the peace of mind that our children are on time for school and back home afterwards in the safest hands possible,” added Mr Debono.

Fewer children on board of the vans also mean shorter round trips and better management by drivers. All routes have also been optimized through the eCabs proprietary data platform, to minimise the transit period from home to school and vice-versa. For added flexibility, eCabs is also offering its 24-hour support service contact centre where parents can get in touch and advise of any sudden changes so that eCabs can plan and adapt to any changes to the route accordingly, as well as the adoption of the Lost & Found service being a handy addition to school runs.

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