Epic aims to strengthen Malta’s positioning in the Digital Quality of Life Index for the coming years

Last Updated on Thursday, 11 November, 2021 at 11:05 am by Andre Camilleri

Further improvements of the network in Xgħajra and Sliema

Epic, Malta’s longest standing telecommunications company, is working towards building the strongest network ever both for its clients as well as Malta as a whole. While it aims to provide a stronger service to all of its subscribes, Epic wants to also contribute towards improving Malta’s rankings in the Digital Quality of Life Index released late last month.

In the 2021 results of the Digital Quality of Life Index, Malta ranked 59th globally and 30th in Europe when it comes to internet quality. Malta also ranked 43rd globally and 26th in Europe when it comes to internet affordability. This index is based on a global research on the quality of the digital wellbeing in 110 countries around the world.

Taking this ranking absolutely seriously, the Executive Committee of Epic came together to discuss the current network modernisation programme and how this is going to help improve Malta’s ranking on this index.

During the meeting, the Committee talked about how ever since the rebranding, Epic has been focused on one main objective: providing all its subscribers with a great network for a great value. Through its modernisation programme, Epic is deploying the latest generation of network infrastructure which provides best-in-class performance in terms of capacity, coverage and quality. This infrastructure is also futur-proof allowing the deployment new technology such as 5G without the need of massive overhauls.

Epic’s Modernisation Programme aims also to upgrade the backhaul network and roll-out additional Epic Fibre sites to meet the current and future capacity demands. The network modernisation programme is seeing an investment worth more than €40 million, that will pave the way for launching Epic 5G. Apart from paving the way for 5G, Epic has been investing in improving coverage in several localities such as Mellieħa, Ħal Tarxien, Għajnsielem, Sliema and Xgħajra, with more localities to be serviced in the coming months.

The programme started off with the announcement of the recent strategic partnership that Epic struck with Phoenix Tower International (PTI). This was followed by the recent announcement that Ericsson has been selected as Epic’s radio access network (RAN) provider, bringing the wide-reaching benefits of Epic 2G, 3G 4G,4G+ and 5G to Malta. As part of the new partnership, Epic will use Ericsson’s technology leadership to fully modernise their existing network.

“A ranking such as this one shows that our network modernisation programme is indeed relevant. We will continue building Malta’s strongest network by providing technology that is generations ahead, merged with superfast speeds at the comfort of any Epic client’s fingertips, from everywhere,” concluded Tamás Bányai, Chief Executive Officer of Epic.

For more information, visit https://www.epic.com.mt/network/

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