Epic launched 5G services in over 25 countries and gets Apple certification

Edwin Sciberras IP & Transport Senior Manager, Mario Cordina Radio Networks Senior Manager, Ruth Farrugia Global Programme Manager, Alan Caruana Chief Technology Officer, Antoine Galea Chief Information Officer, Roberto Farrugia Mobile Networks Deployment Operations Manager and Tamas Banyai Chief Executive Officer

Last Updated on Tuesday, 22 March, 2022 at 1:16 pm by Andre Camilleri

  • 5G Roaming available in over 25 countries
  • Epic network 5G certified by Apple
  • Live network rollout tool shows Epic holds fastest speeds in Malta.
  • Epic Malta investment in the network of the future making 5G leap for Malta’s most reliable network.
  • €40 million upgrade offers next-level tech, a first for Malta.

In line with its promise of great network, the company is upgrading its roaming proposition. With this upgrade, Epic customers can benefit from 5G not only in Malta, but also when roaming in 25 different countries, both European countries such as Denmark, Finland, Sweden, France and Ireland as well as other countries such as Thailand, the Philippines and Canada, to name a few.

This is just one of the milestones in Epic’s journey to build the strongest network. In fact, as of 15th March, Epic has also been given 5G certification for Apple devices that are 5G compatible, which include latest generation iPhones and iPads. Android users may also experience Epic 5g when using Xiaomi and OnePlus devices, as Epic is working closely with Samsung to extend 5G services on these devices.

As Malta’s demographics change, both in size and geography, Epic has embarked on a significant infrastructural upgrade, reflecting its commitment to offer the best network on the island. Epic’s network is being overhauled from the ground up to make it faster, stronger, reachable anywhere and more reliable. The new network will provide a better user experience to all customers, regardless of their device. This effectively means that it can take many more customers in the same area, at the same time, without any loss of quality in efficiency. In practical terms, downloading speeds are superfast, independently from the traffic on the same network, with the possibility of reaching 1,500 Mbps.

Epic customers are already starting to experience substantial improvements on their tech devices, from mobile phones to tablets as Epic started rolling out the new network last year. The roll-out is part of Epic’s ongoing €40 million investment which has also projected Epic’s already established services into a new, revolutionary future generation, allowing Malta to have the fastest 5G.

The new network is already available in parts of the island, namely:  Sliema, Gzira and St. Julian’s. The rest is being rolled out all over the island in the coming months. In November of last year, Epic upgraded all customers on an unlimited plan and the new business plans to 5G speeds.

Epic is a technology company built with the vision to reimagine connectivity by providing a great network with great value. Discover more at epic.com.mt

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