Erremme Business Advisors sponsors Malta’s first ‘Insolvency Conference’, a true game changer

INSOL Europe Country Co-Ordinator, Mr Reuben M Buttigieg and Mr Edward H Spiteri, Erremme's Tax Advisor

Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 February, 2023 at 10:11 am by Andre Camilleri

On Wednesday 1 March, “The Insolvency Conference: New Solvency Legislation – The Game Changer”, will be held at The Intercontinental Hotel between 9am and 5.15pm. Organised by the Malta Academy for Taxation Studies and sponsored by Erremme Business Advisors, the conference seeks to explore and discuss the latest three pieces of legislation aimed at strengthening and safeguarding Malta’s insolvency framework and providing certainty for all those involved.

INSOL Europe will also be present at the conference through various speakers and participants, including INSOL Europe CEO, Paul Newson. Reuben M Buttigieg, Erremme Business Advisors’ Director and Malta’s Country Coordinator for INSOL Europe will also address the conference. Titled “50 shades of insolvency for small business”, Buttigieg’s intervention together with Erremme’s Edward Spiteri will outline how many small businesses can avoid insolvency if action is taken when the first challenges start appearing.  When heading towards a destination, many normally focus on the road ahead of them and do not observe any shade which could prove problematic around them, since they are too focused looking ahead. Nevertheless, whilst this shade may be an indication of danger, false shade may create danger. In this context, this session shall discuss potential pitfalls which arise when entrepreneurs over focus on one goal and they miss these warning signs, leading to serious repercussions.

Reuben Buttigieg commented, “Erremme Business Advisors decided to sponsor and actively contribute to the conference for it truly believes that the changes in legislation were long overdue and now, entities like Erremme have the legal institutes to assist businesses turn around their financial positions. It is a change in culture also for entrepreneurs and we hope that the necessary information campaigns are invested in by the authorities and constituted bodies.”

Furthermore, the conference will include dynamic discussions by leading industry experts as well as networking opportunities with other professionals within the sector. It will also present a unique opportunity to determine new trends and corresponding solutions, while providing attendees with the chance to participate in the conversation shaping the future of insolvency.

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