EY announce virtual event to explore what’s in store for Malta’s economy, jobs and future

How does Malta get the next 10 years right? This is the key question former European leaders, futurists, investors, CEOs, academics and NGOs from Malta and every corner of the world will look to answer in a few weeks’ time.

This year’s edition of what was previously known as the EY Annual Attractiveness Event will take place in a “groundbreaking” virtual format over four days from 20-23 October. It is free to attend and open to all.

The event, named the Future Realised Week, is intended to trigger new ideas, challenge perspectives and explore different possibilities for Malta post-COVID-19, EY said.

Discussions will centre around a new economic model for Malta, which places long-term value creation, sustainable growth, the environment and the happiness of citizens top of the agenda.

During the event, the results of the EY’s Attractiveness Survey – an annual study conducted among existing FDI companies in Malta – will be revealed, outlining current investors’ sentiments on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, Malta’s strengths, weaknesses and where the Island should be focusing its efforts, EY said.

The event is well-known amongst private and public sector leaders, annually bringing together over 1,000 CEOs, entrepreneurs and investors to discuss foreign direct investment (FDI), business and technology.

The speaker line-up this year includes three former European prime ministers and presidents, senior leaders from the World Bank, World Economic Forum, United Nations and the European Commission, global technology and artificial intelligence gurus from Microsoft, Nvidia, SAP, together with senior global leaders from EY offices in London and New York. They will be joined by local business leaders, academics and NGOs to drive home a discussion on how to build back a better as the country emerges from crisis.

Throughout the discussions, the distinguished speakers will examine the impact of the crisis now, next and beyond. The event will explore what the new normal might look like – considering globalisation, where opportunity and competition will come from, the impact of re-shored and near-shored supply chains, the sectors that will thrive – and what this means for industry in Malta. David Pilling, best-selling author and Financial Times editor will be back again to outline how Malta can move beyond GDP to measure economic success.

Business leaders will debate how to navigate the challenges which companies face in surviving and prospering, both now and a post COVID-19 environment. Speakers will also discuss how COVID-19 has turbo-charged the digital revolution – and the ways companies can put technology to use to get ahead and the tips on how to make remote working, work. EY will also unveil its latest research on Future Consumer Trends in Malta which shows how COVID-19 has altered local consumer spending behaviour. The EY Generate Survey will also presented, outlining the views of Millennials and Generation-Z on the crisis, the economy and their future in Malta.

Future Realised Week will take place between 20 to 23 October 2020. For more information and to book your free place visit www.ey.com/mt/futurerealised

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