FinXP chosen as Banking Partner for Utrust

Last Updated on Wednesday, 12 May, 2021 at 9:18 am by Andre Camilleri

New FinXP and Utrust partnership to enable instant crypto-to-fiat settlements for merchants.

FinXP, a Malta-based fintech, has been chosen as the banking partner for crypto payment solution Utrust. The collaboration between both companies will result in unique, new benefits for Utrust customers and in the process will continue to revolutionize the crypto ecommerce industry.

As a modern payment and banking service provider, FinXP will enable Utrust to offer instant crypto-to-fiat settlements for merchants all around the world through a highly secure online platform. This means that merchants using Utrust no longer need to wait days in order to convert their crypto sales to banked money. Furthermore, merchants will also be able to make settlements in different currencies. As a result of this partnership, working with cryptocurrencies has now become a more seamless and borderless experience for merchants.

Jens Podewski, CEO and co-founder of FinXP commented that “it is very likely that cryptocurrencies will be playing an important role in the future of global commerce and so it is important for modern financial institutions to support this technology and this movement. As a forward-looking fintech company, FinXP already works with several crypto businesses and we are proud to be working together with Utrust because they are a company that is innovating and that is making a difference in how cryptocurrencies are used”.

Utrust’s CEO, Sanja Kon, also commented: “Our vision has always been bridging the gap between digital currencies and traditional e-commerce and retail merchants. The partnership with FinXP will allow us to provide a better and faster settlement service to our customers, broadening as well the number of fiat currencies available.”

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