Focal Maritime strengthens investment in Group’s resources as shipping industry faces transformation unprecedented

Last Updated on Wednesday, 29 March, 2023 at 11:40 am by Andre Camilleri

The constant changes affecting the maritime industry in an increasingly complex international scenario were the main areas of focus of an intensive upskilling programme for the human resources of Focal Maritime Group. Malta’s leading multi-disciplinary specialist in maritime consultancy, Combined Maritime Services, coordinated the training.  

The recently introduced oil price caps as well as increasing Western sanctions imposed on Russia have significantly impacted the shipping industry considering its central role in international trade. This however is just one of many changes that are transforming the maritime industry. These include a stronger-then-ever push for sustainability, supply-side challenges as well as an unprecedented stream of changes in legislation and regulation, included fiscal reforms at international level.

The training focused on how these developments impact services such as ship, yacht and company registration, EU funded projects related to the maritime transportation sector such as short sea shipping and motorways of the sea, the preparation and submission of proposals for tenders related to transport and movement of people and cargo and advice and practical solutions to marine environmental considerations.

Godwin Xerri, CEO of Focal Maritime described the present maritime situation as one of profound change and rising complexity. “New business strategies, cutting-edge technology, and evolving laws will significantly impact carriers and forwarders alike. Shipping firms are facing a variety of challenges in advancing the green transition, from logistical capacities in fulfilling new regulatory standards to the financial effects this will have on enterprises’ bottom lines. In such a scenario, continuous training of our personnel is imperative to adapt to this evolution”.

This training was also supplemented by other management related training carried by Surge Advisory, a corporate consultancy firm, while personal coaches addressed specific requirements for a number of members of the team.

General Manager Silvan Fleri added that the constant investment in training is part of a wider strategy of the company while also reflecting the increasing importance of good governance within its operations.  

“For us, good governance is a fundamental way of going about our business. At the same time, our business clients have learnt to expect this from us. Because consumers and society as a whole are becoming more and more aware of the value of sustainable practices, business as ‘usual’ is no longer acceptable”.

Meanwhile, Focal Maritime has announced the appointment of Ramona Saliba as Commercial Manager of the shipping companies falling under its brand. Ms Saliba, who has a twelve-year experience in the industry, more than half of which with Focal, will be responsible for the implementation of the company’s commercial policies and to the relations with clients and principals.

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