Free internet voucher scheme with a value of €300 for post-secondary students

Last Updated on Tuesday, 18 May, 2021 at 2:32 pm by Andre Camilleri

3,100 students to benefit from an investment of around €1m

With an investment of around €1 million, more than 3,100 post-secondary students are set to start benefitting from free internet for one year. This measure will benefit stipend-eligible students enrolled in state, independent and church schools, Junior College and MCAST who opt to immediately continue their studies after finishing Year 11 (Form 5).

This was announced by Minister for Education Justyne Caruana and Minister for the Economy and Industry Silvio Schembri at a press conference during which they gave details on how this scheme will be conducted in the best interest of the student.

“This is a government which delivers on its promises. This scheme was announced in the last budget, and after a lot of work, today we are here to deliver to the students what we have promised them”, stated Minister for Education Justyne Caruana. “We are currently concluding several strategies that we will put forward, all of which are important for various areas of the education sector. One of these will look at continuing our work to encourage students to continue with their studies after they finish their compulsory education. Along with other initiatives, this scheme coincides with this, because through it we are not only financially assisting these students, but we are sending them a clear message: that if they continue their studies, they will find all the necessary support and backing by the Ministry for Education” she continued.

Vouchers will be distributed electronically by Wednesday, May 19 and can be redeemed from Thursday, May 20. Vouchers are valid until the end of June 2021.

Minister for the Economy and Industry Silvio Schembri explained how, following discussions with our country’s leading Internet Service Providers, MIMCOL determined that a system could be designed which would facilitate the distribution of the vouchers with a value of €300 for students by the Department of Education.

“When drawing up this year’s budget we looked at the impact on the students themselves, especially when considering that several lessons were conducted online. We have therefore worked on a solution with the support of MIMCOL so that post-secondary students can enjoy free internet, not only in their homes but also on their mobile and everywhere else, thanks to the strength of connectivity, which also provides them with a certain flexibility”, explained Minister Schembri.

Students will receive a free €300 internet voucher via email. This can then be cashed at one of the country’s major Internet Service Provider stores. The voucher can be redeemed from the service provider, which will immediately be paid through the system designed by MIMCOL. Each student may choose any internet scheme offered for the voucher value.

“Here, I thank internet service providers Epic, Melita and Go for their commitment as important partners that have fully understood the importance of investing in tomorrow’s students and the strengthening of our country’s digital economy. I encourage them to guide these students and offer them the best internet package. Furthermore, today’s initiative gives a clear signal of our support and encouragement for students to continue their studies, as well as providing the necessary peace of mind, especially since most lessons are being conducted online. Education for our children is essential”, concluded Minister Schembri.

For more information about this initiative one can visit the or websites, or call on 153.

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