Further strengthening of ID Malta’s digital platforms as another online service is launched

Last Updated on Wednesday, 24 June, 2020 at 12:23 pm by Andre Camilleri

Minister for Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement Byron Camilleri and Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship and the Communities Alex Muscat announced that online birth and death registration is now available through Identity Malta’s website (https://identitymalta.com/services/). The public can register a newborn’s birth or a person’s death remotely by simply filling in an online registration form.

Minister Camilleri explained that despite the fact there are already services which are convenient, such as the office at Mater Dei, clients should have all options available. He said that recent experience has shown that online facilities should always be available and that is why he was satisfied with the investment Identity Malta is making in this field.

Parliamentary Secretary Alex Muscat held that this is another simplification measure which will positively impact people’s lives. He applauded Identity Malta’s efforts in simplifying and making its services more accessible.

When a child is born, one of the parents, or both if the child is born out of wedlock, shall notify the birth of their newborn within 15 days. To register the child’s birth online, the parents would need to log in the site using their eID credentials before proceeding to fill in the details. When filling in the online form, the parents will be asked to choose the option which reflects their civil status and would then need to upload their ID card (as applicable) as well as the child’s Certificate of Birth (which is issued by the hospital and must be signed by the midwife), before proceeding to make an online payment of €2.60. The parents will then receive a confirmation email and will be informed what additional documents they must submit, should the need arise. The Public Registry Office will then send the filled-in form together with the Act of Birth by post, for the parents’ confirmation. By signing the form and the Act of Birth, the parents confirm and approve the content of the documents. Once signed, the documents and the original copy of the hospital’s Certificate of Birth should be sent to the Public Registry Office (The Public Registry Office, Local Notifications Section, Evans Building, Merchant’s Street, Valletta). Upon successful registration, the parents will be informed by either SMS or email that they can now order their child’s birth certificate on www.ċertifikati.gov.mt.

On the other hand, the process to register a deceased person’s death is very similar. Similarly, the person doing so (who doesn’t have to be a relative of the deceased) shall log into Identity Malta’s website using his/her eID credentials, fill in the details and upload the necessary documentation, including the DH35 Certificate of Death & Cause Thereof, the notifier’s Identity Card and the deceased’s Identity Card. The declarant will receive a confirmation email and the Public Registry Office will send the filled-in online form by post for approval and signature. Once signed, the form together with the DH35 Certificate of Death & Cause Thereof and the deceased’s Identity Card should be sent to the Public Registry Office. Upon successful registration, the declarant will be informed by either SMS or email that s/he can now order the deceased person’s death certificate on www.ċertifikati.gov.mt.

Identity Malta’s CEO Anton Sevasta held that the Agency is doing its part and will be migrating more services online in achieving its digital strategy.

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